Spider Control & Removal

Spiders are known to invade homes in search of warm places to hide and trap their prey. Apart from them being a nuisance, some species of spiders can bite and pose a health risk to the victim, so they need to be taken seriously. If you’re noticing spiders in your home, it’s time to think of spider control and removal methods.

5 Ways to Control and Remove Spiders in Your Premises

Keep Your Home Tidy

Cleaning your home thoroughly can make the place unfriendly for spider infestation. Vacuum and clean your home regularly, especially beneath workstations, cupboard backs, and behind and under large furniture. Remove spider cobwebs regularly when you notice them.

Remove debris that might attract other insects, as spiders will come in to prey on the insects in your home.

Seal All Possible Entry Points

Fill in gaps around pipework, in walls, and under doors to deter spider entry. Occasional inspection of your premises can help you repair holes, cracks, and gaps that spiders use to creep into your home. Mesh wire on your vents is a good approach to spider control.

Turn Off Outside Lights

Insects are attracted to bright lights, and this is an indirect way of attracting spiders to your home. Keep your outside lights dim or use yellow light to keep insects away. When you cannot avoid using a bright security light, move it as far as you can from your home.

Make Use of Traps

Glue traps are a safe and effective spider removal method used by pest control professionals. Using objects to squish them can be tedious and messy, so glue traps are a good option. Contact a professional pest control company to position sticky glue traps strategically to trap all the spiders.

Use of Natural Insecticide Spray

Another option to remove spiders is an insecticide spray. Contact a professional pest control company to use this method, as insecticide needs to be handled with care. If you’d prefer a chemical-free approach, there are natural sprays that can be used for spider removal and control. They include tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, or citrus essential oils.


A professional pest control company can help you control and remove the spiders from your property. For easy control and removal, don’t wait – give us a call and get started on the pest removal process.

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