Suggestions To Get Rid of Ants

When weather begins to get warmer you may see more ants roaming. You may begin to observe more ants appearing in your house and/ or among your outside foliage. Dealing with getting rid of ants can sometimes be a very frustrating task especially when ants find a way to get into the household. There are some great home remedy suggestions for getting rid of ants.


Cinnamon acts as a resourceful ant repellent in the household. The smell of cinnamon depresses ants from wanting to come into the household. Use cinnamon as an ant repellent by dabbing certain areas that it is visible ants are lingering on a daily basis. You can also use cinnamon that is grounded and cloves near entry areas of the household to prevent ants from coming in.

White Vinegar

Using white vinegar to get rid of ants is another effective repellent suggestion. Ants hate the strong aroma that white vinegar gives off. White vinegar can be used to clean various areas of your household, which helps to stop ants from wanting to crawl over sprayed surfaces in the household.


Another suggestion to get rid of ants is using borax. Borax will get rid of ants entirely. It is toxic to ants and it eliminates ants from the house as well as the foliage around the house. Borax is alluring to ants but when ants digest the borax it kills them.

In conclusion, there are effective ways to get rid of ants in the household.

If you are experiencing any issues due to ants please take the time to call a professional exterminator as soon as possible. Their services are invaluable and will restore your peace of mind.

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