How to remove bed bugs from my house

The first step in removing the bed bugs from your house is to recognize the signs of bedbug infestation. This means that you are going to get a rash that is going to look like a mosquito bite. It is going to happen at night unless you have an infestation.

The second step is to figure out exactly where the bed bugs are. Therefore, you are going to need to dismantle the bed and stand the components on its end. Any of the cracks and crevices inside of the bed frame is going to need to be carefully examined.

The third step is to make sure that you empty all of your nightstands and dressers. Therefore, you are going to need to tip them over so that you will be able to inspect all of the woodwork underneath. This is because the bugs are going to hide in the cracks of the dressers.

The fourth step is to check the chairs and sofas that are upholstered. This is going to be especially true about the seams and crevices underneath the cushions. This is going to be for the sofas that have been used for people to sleep on.

The last step is to wash all of the items that could have been affected by the bed bugs. This is because the bed bugs are going to die from the heat of the washer and dryer. Then if the items that cannot be laundered, then you are going to need to steam it.

If you are experiencing any issues due to bed bugs please take the time to call a professional exterminator as soon as possible. Their services are invaluable and will restore your peace of mind.

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