My day In Palm Bay FL

On a vacation to Florida, I decided to make a trip out to Palm Bay to enjoy the scenery. Like any town in Florida, it had warmth to it from both a aesthetic standpoint, as well as social. People were extremely friendly, but what really caught my attention was the beaches.


The beaches were extremely scenic and warm. I visited one of the most popular ones in the area known as Playalinda Beach. The beach itself was extremely calm. I was surprised at how much space I had, given the popularity of the beach. I walked through a wooden set of stairs before placing myself in the sand for a little bit and gazing onto the vast, clean ocean. It was a magnificent site to behold. I appreciated how clean and well kept the water was. I found out it was also a very popular area for surfers as well. When I looked out a little further, I noticed a group of surfers having the time of their life catching the huge waves that were being thrown at them. They handled them with the grace only veteran surfers have. It was quite entertaining to say the least. If you actually look far enough, you can see rockets launch from the Kennedy Space Center as well.


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